A Catholic Independent Primary School for boys and girls aged 3 to 11

Pastoral Care

Our outstanding pastoral care provides for a happy, caring community for all and we invite you to come and visit Laleham Lea where you can be assured of a very warm welcome.

Our pupils are supported through the care, respect and values of our Mission Statement. Each individual pupil is extremely well known by every member of our community. We ensure that the child is at the centre of everything we do here at Laleham Lea.

The key strength of our school is that the excellent knowledge that the teachers have of every pupil. Each class is supported pastorally by their Class teacher and our support staff.

Our School Day starts with a line up in the play ground so that Prefects can check uniform and prepare us all for the day with our School Prayer. Assemblies are held by the Head teacher and each Class takes their turn to lead assembly on a weekly basis. Our Star Assembly is held on a Friday to celebrate our ‘Star of the Week’ in each class and our Star certificates are awarded by the Head teacher.

Liturgy or Mass is held each week through our Chaplaincy support and this is supported by our RE programme throughout the School. Our ethos is supported by kindness and respect to one another both in and out of school; we are a family that supports each other.

‘Pupils of all ages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds relate to one another with understanding and respect’ (ISI 2012).

Roles and Responsibility

Each Class from Yr. 1 upwards is represented in our School Council by two School Council Representatives.

In Yr.6, we expect our older Junior students to exemplify all that Laleham Lea stands for. We award them the responsibility and roles of House Captains, Prefects, Academic Prefect and Buddies to help our younger students.

This is a great honour to represent our School with such responsibility and our students rise to the challenge admirably when they are promoted each year. In the mornings our Yr. 6 Prefects line up the school, check uniform, ensure each class is silent and ready to start the School Day with a prayer. They then lead each Class in for our Teachers. They help with Visitors, in the playground and around the school.

Two students are chosen each year to represent our school as Junior Road Safety Officers. Once elected they take this role very seriously and lead the school and assemblies to develop our awareness of road safety. They are rewarded with knowing our pupils will be safer on the roads and pavements and they are presented with a certificate from the Mayor’s assembly at the Fairfield Halls.

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